JANUARY 26, 2013

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25 January 2013, 16:21 EST

Name: kathrina dava 

Congratulations John and Judith. Wishing you all the best in your career and married life.. cherish every moment that you are together. God bless you both.

25 January 2013, 03:55 EST

Name: Edwin Reyes 

Congratulations to Judith and John. Thank you for choosing me as one of your wedding sponsor. I know your dad ( Pareng Oca) will be there to witness this memorable event.

24 January 2013, 08:32 EST

Name: Coco Tolentino 

Hi Tita Judith and,Tito John. Thank you for accepting me to be your toast at your Reception. Thank you also Tito John for those funny jokes.

03 January 2013, 20:56 EST

Name: chris lachenal 

hi john and mama!!! hay.. ilang tulog na lang..... well wala pa man i already wish you happiness and gazillion kids!!! little johns and little judiths... congartulationsz and see you guys soon. mwah mwah

26 December 2012, 17:24 EST

Name: Norman F Atkins 

Dearest Judith & John, It\'s a real pleasure for me to be able to write to you like this and to send you my very best wishes for a wonderful wedding day back home in the Philippines and, above all, the best of times thereafter together! I wish of course that I could be there with you and close to a part of the world where I was born and brought up. All the best wishes for the last phase of preparing for what will undoubtedly be an unforgettable day. Looking forward to hearing all about the grand occasion when you get back to NY and to UNHQ. Warm regards, Norman

21 December 2012, 15:55 EST

Name: Donna Anderson 

John and Judith, I wish you the best that life has to offer and many many years of honeymoon bliss! god bless.

08 December 2012, 06:04 EST

Name: Casey 

Congratulations and best wishes in advance, Papa P and Mama B! It sure will be awesome! Love you both!

26 November 2012, 16:15 EST

Name: Andria and Dexter 

We are both very happy for you guys... You make such an amazing couple!!! Congratulations!!! P.S. Sorry we cannot make it ton your wedding day but I\'ll make it up to you promise!!! Stay in love!

05 November 2012, 23:35 EST

Name: Angela Pascual 

I\'m so glad that the two of you have taken such a big step together... May you live a wonderful life and fall in love each and everyday! Congratulations to both of you,, Love, Leigh and Beh

05 November 2012, 23:35 EST

Name: Angela Pascual 

I\'m so glad that the two of you have taken such a big step together... May you live a wonderful life and fall in love each and everyday! Congratulations to both of you,, Love, Leigh and Beh

04 November 2012, 18:58 EST

Name: Peanuts & Chris 

Hi Judith and John! We\'re so happy and excited for your wedding and look forward to welcoming you to the married life. Love, Peanuts & Chris P.S. Great website!

23 October 2012, 11:53 EDT

Name: Antonette Bunag 

You guys look so good together, rock on! See you soon :)

13 October 2012, 10:11 EDT

Name: Mia Javier 

So excited for you both! Stay in love and happy.. hugs!

08 October 2012, 09:33 EDT

Name: Leah Pajarillo 

Praying hard to follow your steps soon. love you both! cheers!

04 October 2012, 09:43 EDT

Name: Mark and Kaye 

BuPe!! The most awaited event of 2013. You two are meant for each other (aka: Julio at Julia). So happy for the both of you!!

30 September 2012, 06:48 EDT

Name: Aiz 

geez, im sooo excted for the big day!looking forward to celebrate the love - budit and pepe\'s way! love u both!

30 September 2012, 03:30 EDT

Name: Mercy and Richard 

Hi Budit and Pepe! :) Finally, this is it! We are really happy for the both of you. May you really enjoy the true happiness of having your own family. Budit, I know that God really loves you that\'s why He gave you Pepe. I believe Tito will be there at your wedding day. :) Enjoy your day! I know, it will be a blast! :) P.S. Budit, naalala ko pa noon nung high-school tayo.. chika-chika sa mga boylets (dilemmas, love life, etc.), ngayon happy ending na talaga . Tears! Lovelots, Mercy and Chad

29 September 2012, 20:35 EDT

Name: Leah Kristine Untivero-Tan 

So looking forward to your wedding... Im sure it will be fantabulous!

29 September 2012, 19:47 EDT

Name: Carla + Ryu 

MAREEEEEEE!!!! sooooooo excited for you! It\'ll be a saturday so see you there! :) Ka,i, 12 days to go nalang. If nandito kayo, join kayo ha?

29 September 2012, 14:00 EDT

Name: Anne 

My most awaited wedding of its time! Finally we will come to witness the sealing of a love divine! Love u both!can\'t wait:)

29 September 2012, 11:40 EDT

Name: Kristian Cruz 

Finally, a cool Filipino wedding. 99% of the weddings I\'ve seen in Manila are as hip as a Carlo Caparas film. (Lord help us!)

29 September 2012, 11:39 EDT

Name: jacky cabrera 

hello, thanks to you both for wanting and including us to witness and celebrate your wedding. God bless -Emon&Jacky

17 September 2012, 11:49 EDT

Name: Mabel 

can\'t wait for the big day budit and pepe! love you both!!

29 May 2012, 23:09 EDT

Name: Wifey 

Good job mahal! I\'m so impressed!!! I love you!!!

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